Advancing The Bioeconomy.

CASTL addresses the talent needs in bioscience, a sector of national importance as exemplified by the Government of Canada’s Health and Bioscience Economic Strategy Table, that identified skills and talent as a fundamental gap for the future prosperity of the sector.

The Problem to Solve

Currently, there is a disconnect between academic knowledge and training and the skills to meet industry needs and support growth. This challenge, coupled with the rapid growth in the sector, creates the need for a larger labour pool, and one that is highly skilled and qualified. CASTL is addressing these gaps with industry-informed programming consisting of academic theory, hands-on skills and real-world performance that will ensure graduates are work-ready and have smooth transitions into the workforce. The end result will be highly skilled and qualified persons who will power the growth and success of the life sciences sector.

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A Dynamic Career in a Growing Industry

The bioscience industry is at the core of our society and is evolving to meet the challenges of the world we live in. From pandemics to climate change and feeding the world sustainably the industry offers fulfilling career opportunities in an innovative environment.

According to the Government of Canada, by 2025, Canada will double the size of the health and biosciences sector and become a top-three global hub by:

  • leveraging and advancing innovative technologies;
  • attracting and retaining capital, skills and talent;
  • and ensuring a vibrant ecosystem that will unleash the full potential of the sector and lead to improved health outcomes. (Health and Biosciences, Economic Strategy Table)

The Canadian bioscience industry spans the research, development and manufacturing continuum.

Industry players include small and medium-sized companies developing diagnostics, biopharmaceuticals, pharmaceuticals and medical devices, as well as global companies with research, development and manufacturing operations in Canada, serving both domestic and international markets.