Kelsey Turner is a versatile clinical education professional with more than 15 years of experience in program development and curriculum enhancement. Kelsey comes to CASTL having worked as the Clinical Training Coordinator at a Toronto-based international medical aesthetics company, where she was the primary administrator for the company’s global LMS portal for training physicians, medical professionals, employees, and clients. In addition to her background in curriculum development and facilitation, Kelsey has coordinated a robust team of clinical trainers and has organized marketing and training events across North America.

With an endless aptitude for continuous learning and a passion for community development, Kelsey has supported both not-for-profits, community-based programs, as well as clinical training programs for medical professionals. Most recently, Kelsey’s dedication to client success has been demonstrated through the conception and rollout of client training and business development initiatives in the surgical robotics and medical aesthetics industry.

Kelsey holds a bachelor’s degree (Honours) in Psychology from the University of Winnipeg and has worked extensively with youth groups, both professionally and in volunteer capacities. She is passionate about social equity issues and is committed to diversity in education.