CASTL is a first-of-its-kind partnership between academia, industry, and government to address the future skills needs of the Canadian life sciences sector.

The success of the bioscience economy will be a critical factor in the world’s ability to solve today’s more complex problems like climate change, pandemics and food security.

CASTL delivers on the economic and sectoral demand for individuals who are work-ready to enter, thrive and meet the needs of the bioscience industry, a key pillar of the economy. CASTL offers multiple applied learning streams for individuals to acquire the academic knowledge, and technical and professional skills to have a successful career in life sciences.

CASTL will infuse the life sciences industry with top talent that will meet the skills demand of the highly-valued sector and fuel the sustainable growth of bioscience research, development and manufacturing, in turn attracting new businesses and investment capital to Canada.

For Learners

CASTL combines life sciences academic theory with hands-on skills development to build capacity for real-world performance. Through industry-supported Workplace Integrated Learning (WIL) placements, learners will be prepared to kickstart a career in the bioscience sector, with a competitive edge.

For Academia

CASTL collaborates with post-secondary institutions to pair academic theory with WIL placements. Through this partnership, and with recruitment support from faculties, CASTL can ensure a quality experience for students and industry employers alike. CASTL will lead to increase attraction, retention and positive reputational development for participating academic institutions.

For Employers

CASTL provides life sciences employers with a pipeline of highly-skilled and qualified employees, who are work-ready. CASTL will also fill a skills and training gap in the life sciences sector by pairing academic knowledge with technical and professional skills development, to establish confidence, build job satisfaction and increase retention.

CASTL Team’s Mission:

The CASTL core team accelerates the growth of the Canadian bioscience economy by curating a real-time talent ecosystem to meet ongoing industry demand.

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